The water industry is preparing for one of its biggest changes to date. New rules coming into play in 2017 will see the industry open up to competition for all non-household customers in England. With this in mind, Accent will be exploring the views, attitudes and needs of business customers in the water market in a research report which it is offering to water companies and other interested parties.

The research results will be invaluable in helping water companies in this developing market to target potential new business customers and help shape new products and services which will meet customer needs. It will also provide insight to help develop the most effective and relevant communications and assist water companies develop strategies to retain current customers.

Speaking about the research programme, Rob Sheldon, Managing Director at Accent, said: “With the water industry getting set to open up for competition, water companies are all facing big questions. How aware are non-household customers of the forthcoming changes? How many intend to switch supplier – and what preparations have they made? Are some types of customers more prone to switching? Who are they and what are their needs?

“Accent’s initiative will help water companies across the UK to help answer the big questions and find out what their business customers want in 2017.”

The results will also enable water companies to understand issues such as; what role do brokers play currently and how is this expected to change in an open market? What can be learned from experience in Scotland? How have non-household customers responded to competition there and what further change do they expect?

The research programme will consist of a nationally representative sample of 1,000 businesses in England and Wales with quotas on region, business size and company activity. It will also be complemented by interviews with 200 businesses in Scotland which will explore lessons from an already open market. The research will interview decision makers on water services.

Participating companies which subscribe before the launch will receive a 5% discount from the subscription price and the opportunity to view and comment on the questionnaire before its launch.

If you’re interested in subscribing to the research programme to maximise opportunity in the competitive water market, would like more information or wish to receive the full proposal document, please contact Accent at water@accent-mr.com or call Rob Sheldon on 07770 755538 or 0208 742 2211.