Gas Safety: A Decade Review

Gas Safe Register is about to embark on a major review of gas safety and the downstream gas industry – and it wants YOU to get involved.

The wide-ranging, pan-industry review aims to be the biggest and most comprehensive look at the sector’s current and future challenges since the Frontline Review in 2006 – the findings of which were a catalyst for radical changes that included the creation of Gas Safe Register.

The past 10 years have seen a host of changes, including technological advances, legislation, and changing demographics. There have been recessions, recoveries, the rise (and fall) of government backing for renewables technologies, and there may be more changes to come as the impact of Brexit begins to take shape.

The Decade Review will give everyone the opportunity to share their views, says Gas Safe Register’s head of communications Scott Darroch, and to talk about what the next 10 years might bring. “This consultation will help the team at the Gas Safe Register shape and continue to improve the service we offer by giving us insight into what the industry needs. But it is so much broader than that – the intent is to create a report that the whole industry can use,” says Scott.

“With such a wide range of stakeholders across the industry, from sole trader registered businesses to charities, training and assessment companies and national energy companies, we are looking at a number of ways in which people and organisations can contribute to this important review. These will include online surveys, focus groups and other methods – for us, the important thing is that YOU have the opportunity to contribute.”

Gas Safe Register will be working with an independent research company, Accent, to ensure that the processes and results are as robust and fair as possible, and to ensure that the information is gathered in a representative and fair way, without skewing results or directing people to express certain views only.

The aim is to provide a detailed picture of the views held by the whole industry – not to provide specific recommendations. Scott says: “We hope that detailed feedback will be extremely useful in informing a whole range of conversations and debates in the industry for years to come.

“The review is your opportunity to contribute directly, and to ensure that your own experiences and views are heard. We don’t want to be prescriptive and only seek views on set topics. It’s your industry, so you are free to talk about what’s important to you. By bringing together these views, you may find that more people think like you than you realise.”

The Decade Review will be gathering information through the rest of 2016, and Gas Safe Register aims to publish the results by the summer of 2017. Registered Gas Engineer will be bringing you more information on how you can get involved in the coming months.

If you would like to be involved in the review, do please register your interest by sending us an email: