Gas Safe Decade Review

In 2006 an extensive review of domestic gas safety was undertaken for the HSE with the objective of exploring current arrangements to promote domestic gas safety across the UK, identifying areas of strength and weakness and making recommendations for the future. Gas Safe Register commissioned Accent to conduct a further pan-industry consultation to examine what has changed in the intervening 10 years and to provide information on: the industry, Gas Safe Register, engineers, training, skills maintenance, competence and the future. The consultation encompassed stakeholder events, telephone depth interviews with stakeholders, engineer focus groups, focus groups with consumers and an online survey both of registered engineers but also open to others who wish to contribute. The research informed Gas Safe Register on the state of the industry and gave an insight into potential changes in the future. The past decade has seen improvements in safety, significant advances in technology, and Gas Safe Register become the registration body for gas engineers. But there are challenges ahead, as well as concerns that the industry is becoming fragmented and that training standards are falling.

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