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21st Century Green Fingers: renewable and energy-saving smart technology in homes

Just like the word ‘apple’ conjures up the image of both the fruit and the technology company, could it be that – in the not so distant future – ‘green fingers’ will not only refer to a person’s skill at growing plants but also their engagement with green technology? At Accent, we are working on a growing number of research projects aimed at understanding huma […]

Computer says yes..

Need to buy something without too much hassle?

An online market place, let’s say Amazon for the sake of argument (but others are available) is the answer for many of us. There is very little that you can’t buy on Amazon these days. At the click of a mouse you can purchase bikes, beds, jewellery, garden sheds, clothes and much more.  You can even buy obsc […]

How to get the most out of working with market research agencies: tips for academic researchers in the health and social sciences

A market research agency can help academic researchers recruit and collect data from research participants. This guide gives researchers in the health and social sciences advice on how to get the most out of market research services.

At Accent, a considerable proportion of our clients are academic researchers who have outsourced their data c […]