About us

aboutus Established in 1988, Accent is an award winning full service market research consultancy delivering innovative, tailored and targeted insight. Whether you’re seeking to understand how a new product or service will be received, the most effective ways of communicating with your customers/stakeholders or establish willingness to pay, we can help.

Our team of engaging, passionate and experienced researchers will ensure the intelligence we deliver is insightful, challenging and makes an impact on your organisation. We are experts in working across the full range of regulated industries and also with non-regulated clients.

At the forefront of market research, we have extensive experience in the following sectors:

We are equally experienced in and enthusiastic about quantitative and qualitative methods and we work hard to produce powerful and robust research through a creative, fresh and innovative approach.

We are a global market leader in the use of stated preference, a sophisticated trade-off research technique which was introduced to the UK by our Managing Director Rob Sheldon.

We like to explore and push the boundaries of research techniques which produce reliable and relevant results. Accent is a MRS Company Partner and registered to the market, opinion and social research International Standard ISO 20252:2012.